Mechanical engineering

  • customized design and development of machines and equipment
  • creating 3D models of machines and parts in SolidWorks software and the preparation of manufacturing documentation
  • exporting 3D models to all European standards, STEP, SAT, IGES etc
  • check the calculations of structures and tracing documentation into digital form
  • manufacturing machines and machine components, construction and assembly of technologies based on own and provided documentation
  • welding of light and heavy structures
  • maintenance, repairs and servicing of production lines, machines and equipment


Electrical engineering

  • preparation of the project documentation of machines, equipment and buildings in Eplan software
  • designs of wiring, distributors, control desks, calculations and optimization of drives
  • tracing and repairs of project documentation into Eplan digital format
  • manufacturing, delivery and assembly of distributors, control desks and wiring for industry and buildings
  • designing, maintenance, repairs and service of electrical equipment of low-voltage and high-voltage industrial facilities



  • design and delivery of control systems of machines and production lines – we mainly use control systems by Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley, NCT etc
  • design and production of software for operating machines, production lines and equipment complexes
  • customized modification and servicing of the software of existing machines and equipment
  • design, production and delivery of hardware and software of visualizing and monitoring systems
  • design and delivery of controlled and regulated drives using AC and DC inverters
  • design and delivery of hardware and software for measurement and regulation of heat-exchanger substations
  • design and building of PC units, Linux servers and computer networks

Other company activities

  • designing electrical equipment
  • production, installation and repairs of electrical machines and instruments
  • activity of consulting engineers in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation
  • production, installation and repairs of electronic devices
  • preparation and execution of technical designs
  • manufacturing low-voltage distributors and batteries, cables and conductors
  • assembly, maintenance, revision and testing of reserved electrical equipment
  • manufacturing machines and equipment for specific industries
  • manufacturing machines and equipment for general purposes
  • providing software and consulting activity in hardware and software
  • commercial mediation
  • locksmithery
  • data processing, data bank services, network administration
  • wholesaling
  • specialized retailing
  • testing, meassuriment, analysis and checking